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Portable Cabin Relocation in Chelmsford

How Our Haulage Company Safely Relocates Portable Buildings

Portable and modular buildings offer a number of advantages. For one thing, they provide a great temporary base of operations for businesses undergoing major construction or renovation works. For another thing, they offer a fast, flexible and secure alternative to erecting a more permanent structure. However, one of the biggest advantages they offer is that you can easily move them to another site.

As a haulage company specialising in Hiab lorry hire and rigid lorry hire, with a wide selection of lorry mounted cranes available, we regularly carry out portable cabin relocation services in the Chelmsford area.

So, whether you are looking to relocate a modular building or cabin to another area of your existing site, or to a different location entirely, BR Saunders Transport Ltd is the company you need.

While you may have considered dismantling, transporting and reassembling the cabins yourself, we would advise against that. After all, portable cabin relocation is often more complicated and dangerous than you might think. That is why the lorry mounted crane operatives at our haulage company all have the relevant training and qualifications. This ensures we carry out such tasks in the safest possible manner.

Although we also offer rigid lorry hire, on this page, we look at how we use Hiab lorry hire equipment to safely transport modular buildings and portable cabins throughout the Chelmsford area.

There are many haulage, transport and logistics companies offering modular building and portable cabin relocation services. However, most of them do not handle disconnection, dismantling and reassembly services. If you want to ensure that your relocation goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we recommend choosing a company that offers the complete, end-to-end service.

Choose BR Saunders Transport Ltd for your portable cabin and modular building relocation needs. We will take care of every aspect in a safe, responsible and professional manner.

Call our haulage company on 01932 245 161 for safe and responsible portable cabin relocation, Hiab lorry hire, rigid lorry hire and lorry mounted cranes in Chelmsford.