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The Benefits of Using Recycled Aggregates in Construction

BR Saunders Transport Ltd is a haulage company that offers a wide range of services. For example, we use Hiab lorry hire equipment to carry out portable cabin relocations. We also offer rigid lorry hire, for customers in need of transporting large, heavy items, such as water tanks, steel girders and other such loads. However, you may be surprised to learn that we also deal with the transportation and delivery of aggregates.

In fact, we regularly work with aggregate suppliers in the Dartford area, who utilise our lorry mounted cranes to load and unload bulk quantities of aggregates and building materials, transporting them throughout the local area.

On this page, we look at recycled aggregates and the many benefits of using them in construction.

Across the world, builders use aggregates like sand, concrete, stone and gravel for a wide range of construction purposes. However, as the construction industry evolves, companies are now paying more and more emphasis on sustainability than ever before.

This means that there is a concerted effort to avoid mining primary aggregates, instead favouring the use of recycled aggregates.

As a haulage company specialising in transporting abnormal loads, portable cabin relocation and Hiab lorry hire, building companies around Dartford often rely on us to load, transport and unload heavy building materials. Thanks to the carrying capacity of our rigid lorry hire equipment and lorry mounted cranes, dealing with aggregates on a regular basis is a simple task.

That is why we often engage in helping to clear leftover aggregates from demolition and construction sites. Once upon a time, these would end up in landfill. Now, however, companies reprocess these materials, crushing and mixing them into graded aggregates suitable for a range of purposes.

Some of the benefits of using recycled aggregates include:

If you are an aggregate supplier or building company in the Dartford area in need of our services, we offer rigid lorry hire and Hiab lorry hire as a one-off job or on a contractual basis.

Whatever you need lorry mounted cranes for, from undertaking portable cabin relocations to transporting heavy building materials, we have the personnel and equipment to handle any project.

If you want to become a more environmentally friendly construction company by implementing the use of recycled aggregates, BR Saunders Transport Ltd can help you make it happen.

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