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Lorry Mounted Cranes

Lorry Mounted Crane

in Dartford and Chelmsford | Everything You Need to Know

BR Saunders Transport Ltd specialises in the area of lorry mounted cranes. We have a large fleet of vehicles with different lifting capabilities to meet your needs. Whether you’re working on a large-scale civil engineering project or you need to transport aggregates, our lorries bring ease and efficiency to every job. With many years of experience in logistics and as a haulage company, we give you a variety of benefits and ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible.

Based in Walton-on-Thames, we operate in all the surrounding areas, including Chelmsford, Crawley, Dartford, Guildford, Maidstone, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Reading, Southampton and Tunbridge Wells.

What is a Lorry Mounted Crane?

Quite simply, it’s a lorry with a heavy, modified truck chassis and an attached crane. They are also widely known as Hiab lorries or trucks. Available on 4 to 8 wheels and with various lifting capabilities, these lorries are ideal for a wide range of uses.

These vehicles are popular in the haulage and transport industry because they allow quick and easy loading and unloading of freight. They are also common in the construction industry for moving materials between and across sites.

Why Use a Lorry Mounted Crane?

There are many reasons why you may choose a lorry mounted crane for your operations. They offer numerous benefits over other transportation options and, with our vast experience, we ensure you get the perfect vehicle for the job.

At BR Saunders Transport Ltd, we have a large fleet of Hiab lorry hire vehicles of various sizes and capabilities. No matter your needs in Chelmsford, Crawley, Dartford, Guildford, Maidstone, Milton Keynes, Oxford, Reading, Southampton and Tunbridge Wells, we have the solution.

The following are just some of the benefits we provide:

Manoeuvrability – A crane lorry has the ability to manoeuvre heavy and awkward objects even in tight and restricted spaces. This is because the cranes on our lorries can rotate up to 180 degrees, and up to 360 degrees on some models. They also need less space than standard cranes and you can move them at any time to suit your requirements.

This makes them perfect for all kinds of rural, urban and construction sites.

Efficiency – Lorry mounted cranes lift, load and transport in one unit. They also load and unload faster and more safely than other options, such as manually or using a forklift. This ensures maximum efficiency.

Lower Costs – Because our lorries are an all-in-one unit for lifting, loading and transporting, you save on costs because you don’t need to hire multiple services, vehicles or machines. Plus, we also provide a trained operator, so you’re not losing manpower.

Whether you need to move building materials in Chelmsford, Crawley, Dartford, Guildford and Maidstone or you’re looking for a convenient way to transport goods in Milton Keynes, Oxford, Reading, Southampton and Tunbridge Wells, BR Saunders Transport Ltd is the company you need.




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Contact us on 01932 245161 to discover our range of lorry mounted cranes and to arrange lorry hire in Dartford, Chelmsford and all the neighbouring areas.