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Hiab Lorry Hire in Oxford

4 Reasons Why Contract Hire is Better than Buying

Many businesses in the UK choose lorry contract hire over buying their own vehicles. This is because Hiab lorry hire offers a range of benefits, from saving costs to reducing stress. If you regularly need to transport heavy or awkward items and materials, but you don’t want all the extra concerns that come with owing and maintaining a vehicle, contract hire is for you. We provide articulated and rigid lorry hire to clients in Oxford and all the surrounding areas. Whether you need a vehicle for portable cabin relocation or moving building materials, our haulage company delivers affordable and reliable solutions.

Although owning a lorry mounted crane or other truck provides the long-term value of fixed assets, contract hire offers many more advantages, such as the flexibility you need to grow and develop a business. Consequently, many people in the Walton-on-Thames and Oxford areas choose Hiab lorry hire from BR Saunders Transport Ltd.

The following are just some of the key reasons why contract hire is the right choice for you:


When you choose a haulage company for lorry contract hire, you have the flexibility to expand or change your fleet of vehicles. With a range of articulated and rigid lorry hire vehicles available in Oxford, including beavertails and low loaders, we have everything you need now and in the future.

Whether undertaking anything from portable cabin relocation to delivery of building materials, our services allow you to easily and cost-effectively develop your business in line with customer needs and demands. As such, contract hire benefits you and your clients.

Predictable Pricing

The peace of mind that Hiab lorry hire provides in terms of business costs is a common reason clients in Oxford opt for our services. Owning a vehicle brings unpredictable costs, such as sudden repairs and maintenance requirements. However, BR Saunders Transport Ltd removes this unpredictability in expenses.

When you take out a contract on lorry mounted cranes or other vehicles, you pay one competitive price that covers maintenance, repairs and servicing. This means you don’t have to worry about paying if anything goes wrong and you know how much your vehicles will cost you each month.

Ongoing Support

As a customer focused haulage company, we offer ongoing support to every client in Oxford and the surrounding areas. Whether your contract vehicle needs repairs or you’re looking to expand your fleet, we’re always on hand to provide expert advice, guidance and solutions.

With many years of experience in the industry, we recommend the best vehicle for your requirements, making Hiab lorry hire easy and stress free. Whether you need a lorry mounted crane for portable cabin relocation or moving a generator, we know exactly what vehicle you need.


At BR Saunders Transport Ltd, every vehicle, from lorry mounted cranes to rigid lorry hire trucks, is in good condition. This ensures the highest standards of safety as well as making sure you get suitable, effective and efficient solutions.

As well as carrying out maintenance and servicing before handing over the vehicle, we provide these services throughout your contract.

Contact us on 01932 245161 to discuss the benefits of lorry contract hire or to arrange long-term Hiab lorry hire in Oxford and the surrounding areas.