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Portable Cabin Relocation in Southampton

Why Hiab Lorries are the Perfect Option

As an established haulage company, BR Saunders Transport Ltd meets all kinds of requirements. With a large fleet of lorry mounted cranes and rigid lorry hire vehicles, our popular services include portable cabin relocation and the transport of modular buildings. Our Hiab lorry hire services are ideal for these tasks. Supplying the vehicle, operator and all relevant services, we ensure your relocation project in Southampton and the surrounding areas goes as smoothly as possible.

Whether using portable cabins for education, business, construction or other needs, we are the only company you need for reliable and efficient relocation. Read on to discover why BR Saunders Transport Ltd is the right choice for you.


Thanks to the construction of lorry mounted cranes, we can access all kinds of sites and spaces, including those that are awkward or tight. This makes Hiab lorry hire ideal for portable cabin relocation because we can reach the structure no matter where it currently is and can deliver it exactly where it needs to go.

Whether you need our services at a school, hospital, building site or other premises, we safely and efficiently access your site in Walton-on-Thames, Southampton or the surrounding areas.

In Built Crane

The main benefit of Hiab lorries is their in-built crane. This makes them perfect for lifting and manoeuvring large, heavy and bulky items, such as portable cabins and modular buildings.

As a dedicated haulage company, we provide trained personnel to operate machinery, ensuring your goods are as safe as possible. The manoeuvrability and precision of lorry mounted cranes means we can lift cabins from wherever they are and load them onto the truck. We can also easily lift them from the lorry and place them exactly where you require.

To see some of our previous relocation projects, please have a look at our recent work.

Cost Effective

Hiab lorry hire is a cost-effective option for portable cabin relocation in Southampton. Whether opting for articulated or rigid lorry hire, BR Saunders Transport Ltd provides all relevant services, including risk assessments, traffic management and informing local authorities.

This means you don’t have to hire multiple companies and you get everything you need for one competitive price.

Vehicle Range

Because we are a haulage company with a commitment to meeting the needs of every client in Southampton and the surrounding areas, we have a large fleet of vehicles. Lorry mounted cranes come in a range of sizes and with varying lifting capabilities. This means we have the ideal option for your requirements.

Whether you need rigid lorry hire to move a modular building in an urban environment, or you require portable cabin relocation across a building site, or across the country, our range of Hiab lorries offers the versatility needed to meet your needs.

Call BR Saunders Transport Ltd today on 01932 245161 to discuss your portable cabin relocation requirements in Southampton and the surrounding areas.