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Lorry Mounted Crane in Milton Keynes

What You Can Transport with a Hiab Lorry

There are many benefits to using a lorry mounted crane. Just one of these is their ability to lift and transport a wide range or materials, goods and equipment. Hiab lorry hire is extremely useful for moving heavy and bulky loads, such as machinery and building materials. As such, we have a variety of clients in Walton-on-Thames, Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas who rely on our artic and rigid lorry hire. As a dedicated haulage company, we have a large specialist fleet of vehicles to meet your requirements. Whether you need portable cabin relocation or a way to move aggregates, we have the solution.

With lorries of different sizes and lifting capabilities, we adapt our services to meet your needs. Our vehicles are ideal for handling many different items and materials, whether you need to transport them across your site or across the country. The following are just some of the things you can transport using our lorry mounted cranes:

Building Materials

Hiab lorry hire is popular with builders and contractors in Milton Keynes for transporting construction materials. This can range from aggregates and fencing to steel erections and other awkwardly shaped materials. As a specialist haulage company, our lorries are even suitable for modular building and portable cabin relocation.

Whether moving materials across your site or to your site from the supplier, our vehicles ensure safe and efficient transportation.

Heavy Machinery

Lorry mounted cranes are the popular choice for transporting heavy machinery in Milton Keynes. With an attached crane, Hiab lorries make lifting and moving machinery much easier than it would be otherwise.

A further benefit is that our artic and rigid lorry hire vehicles keep cargo safe. They have heavy-duty beds which can handle heavy and abnormal loads, while lashing rings allow us to fully and properly secure machinery.

Generators, Pumps & Transformers

As an established haulage company, BR Saunders Transport Ltd regularly works with generator suppliers and contractors in Milton Keynes who need to move pumps, transformers or generators. These need handling with care to avoid damage.

Hiab lorry hire ensures equipment is safe and gets where it needs to be quickly. This is because Hiab lorries only need one person to load, transport and site the generator, pump or transformer.

Abnormal Loads

Due to the setup of lorry mounted cranes, they are ideal for transporting cargo that is an abnormal or awkward shape. This is because the back is open, and we secure items using chains or straps.

Our trained drivers and operators regularly transport all kinds of items of varying weights and dimensions. Our range of artic and rigid lorry hire vehicles are even perfect for portable cabin relocation.

To discuss your requirements with a member of the team and to arrange lorry mounted crane hire in Milton Keynes, call us on 01932 245161.